Suggested questions for discussion about reasonable adjustments


  • How are you feeling today?
  • Do you feel fully included as a member of the team?
  • Is there anything I can do differently as your manager to enable you to fully participate at work or complete your tasks and duties?
  • Are there any challenges you face in your role, and is there anything else we can do to make work easier for you?
  • Do you face any social difficulties, e.g have there been any communication breakdowns?
  • Is there anything else in the work environment, work culture or interactions that is having a negative impact on your physical or mental health, or that makes it harder for you to do your job?
  • Are there any aspects of flexible working that would help you to carry out your role? For example, working at home on some days, a different start and finish time.
  • Would it be helpful for you to speak to Occupational Health about your disability/health condition?
  • Do I, as your manager, need to speak to Health and Safety about a risk assessment and/or PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Procedure)


  • Is your workspace suitable? Things to consider - desk, chair, lighting, noise
  • Do you need a printer, paper, or items of stationary (for example: white board, sticky notes, or others)?


  • Do you need a specific kind of keyboard, mouse, screen protector to reduce glare or other physical IT tools?
  • Would any assistive technology help you? Examples might include software for: text to voice, voice to text (dictation), mind mapping, planning, organisation, maths and illustration/drawing, or other needs.
  • Is the auto captioning being provided at all virtual department meetings and is this helpful?
  • Would a transcript of meetings also be helpful?


  • Is the way I (your manager) or other colleagues communicate with you accessible? For example, is written including lists/visual information or spoken word more accessible.
  • Are you being asked to communicate in a way that enables you, or are you being asked to produce verbal or written communication in a way that makes work harder?
  • Are meetings managed in a way that you can participate equally with others?
  • Is there a structure that is accessible?
  • Do you find it hard to get your voice heard?
  • Would it help for someone to pause the meeting for you to think and make your point?
  • Would you like a short break if the meeting is longer than an hour?
  • Do you benefit from notice and scheduled meetings/discussion or do you process better with spontaneous meetings/discussions?
  • Do you find talking to someone on a video call easier?
  • Does watching videos of others make it harder for you to process and follow what others are saying?
  • Are meetings held over a forum where you can type, make it easier for you to collate and share your thoughts?
  • Does a discussion forum that is text only make things a lot harder for you to share your thoughts?
  • Are you able to take suitable breaks?
  • Would additional support from another person in elements of tasks be of benefit to you? For example, management, organisation.


  • Are teaching spaces accessible for you and do you need any additional IT equipment, furniture or microphones?
  • Would any adjustments to teaching formats be helpful to you?
  • Is there any support you need when you are teaching?
  • Do you need any adjustments for your lab based duties?
  • Is there anything that would help with field study work?
  • What adjustments do you need for international travel?
  • Is the format of your supervision meetings with students accessible for you (face to face or online)?
  • What method of providing student feedback is accessible for you (face to face, online, written)?