Support for people managers from our HR Advisers and Partners

The HR Operations team support staff and managers with issues such as:

  • people management issues
  • management procedures
  • planning
  • departmental restructuring

Each department is supported by an HR Partner and HR Advisers.

Our casework service agreement outlines how we support managers dealing with managers managing individuals under HR procedures.

Team members

  • Adam Smith
    HR Adviser: CRD, Education, IT Services, Law, Management, SPSW
  • Colin Jobber
    HR Partner, Social Sciences
  • Eliza Bonello
    HR Adviser, Sciences/Research and Enterprise
  • Elizabeth White
    HR Adviser: Directorate of Technology, Estates and Facilities (except IT)
  • Helen Foster
    HR Partner for Change
  • Kate Slade
    HR Adviser, Arts and Humanities/Information Services
  • Kerrie Wright
    HR Adviser, Sciences/Research and Enterprise/Biorenewables Development Centre
  • Laura McIlroy
    Employee Relations and HR Policy Manager
  • Lauren McMahon
    HR Adviser, Sciences/Research and Enterprise/Biorenewables Development Centre
  • Layla Hemingway
    HR Adviser, Social Sciences/Environment and Geography
  • Mary Ashbridge
    HR Adviser: CHE, Economics, Finance, IPC, Politics, Sociology
  • Nik Williams
    HR Partner, Sciences/Research and Enterprise
  • Sophie Thompson
    Interim Head of HR Operations
  • Suzy Shelton
    HR Partner, Arts and Humanities
  • Tara Jacob
    HR Adviser, Sciences/Biorenewable Development Centre