New fund as part of family-friendly initiatves

We recognise that juggling development and career progression opportunities with family commitments can be challenging. The University's Athena Swan action plan flagged the need for further support in this area. As a result, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new fund to support employees who have caring responsibilities in their pursuit of professional growth and development.

The new University Carers' Fund allows you to claim back the caring costs incurred when attending work related training outside your normal working hours.


The Carers' Fund is inclusive and available to all employees from 1 August 2023. We understand that each colleague's training needs will vary and that everyone's family is different, therefore claims can be made for the costs of childcare and for the costs of caring for a dependent adult. Whether you are attending an on-campus workshop, conference, or a virtual training session, if the activity falls outside your normal working hours and meets the criteria then the University Carers' Fund is there to support you.

Financial assistance

The Carers' Fund provides financial assistance to a maximum of £350 per claim. Each Faculty and central PS has a budget to cover claims through the fund. This will be kept under review depending on how widely the fund is used.

Application process

The University Carers' Fund is an annex to the University's Travel and Expenses Policy. All claims can be made via the usual expenses process. Eligibility criteria apply, in line with HMRC guidelines, therefore please familiarise yourself with the details of the fund to understand how and when it can be used. Claims can be made for eligible activities commencing on or after 1 August 2023.

Other available support

A reminder to colleagues that there is an existing carers cost provision through research council funding. That provision is only available to academic or research staff who are in receipt of a grant from one of the UK's seven major research councils. The provision will continue to be available alongside the new University Carers' Fund, if you are eligible under the existing arrangements you should continue to use that in the first instance.

Information on the two schemes will sit side by side under the same annex, so that you can find everything easily in one place. Read the annex in full:

Funding Support for Carers