These funding provisions are an Annex to the University's Travel and Expenses Policy


These web pages provide information on how childcare costs, or other dependents' caring costs, can be claimed as tax-allowable expenses if the costs are incurred for working outside normal working patterns and in the pursuit of work-related training as defined by the HMRC.

There are two schemes offering financial support to help our staff balance their work and caring commitments:

Research Council Funding

Some research councils / funders allow academic or research staff to claim the cost of additional childcare or caring responsibility costs as expenses, if the costs are incurred for working outside of their normal working patterns.

If you are in receipt of grant funding, please check this scheme first. You should not use the University Carers' Fund if you are eligible to use this fund.

University Carers' Fund

If you are not eligible to claim research council funding, the University has set up its own fund to help staff that have caring responsibilities and need to attend career development opportunities that fall outside of their normal working patterns. This is part of our commitment to the Athena Swan action plan.

Each University faculty has ring-fenced £5000 per annum for this fund and it is open to applications from staff across all four faculties.

Click on the relevant tabs below to see the policy, eligibility criteria and claim process for each scheme.