Initial training

The job-specific induction programme your manager will have put together for you will provide an introduction to the key elements of your job, and the working arrangements, practices and objectives of your department. They may also provide you with information about the University as a whole.

You can learn more by signing up for one of the Central Induction events, which aims to build upon your department induction with broader information about the University, its organisation, vision and culture.

Mandatory training

The central induction event is not compulsory, but you must complete the following online training:

(If you are working with us on a casual basis, you will not be able to use these links. If you have been asked to complete this training, you can access it at

There may be other training that it is necessary for you to complete as part of your role. It it is up to you and your manager to identify these training requirements, but many of the common needs are described on our statutory and compliance training pages.

Developmental training

You and your manager may also identify other training areas which, if not strictly required, would help you carry out your role.

Capturing these training requirements will form part of your objective setting.