When you start work at the University, what specifically takes place on your first day will vary depending on your role and the department which you join.

In broad terms it will begin your integration into a new environment with new colleagues. More specifically, the following is likely to take place on your first day:

  • you will be introduced to at least some of your new colleagues including, where appropriate, your induction colleague / buddy / mentor
  • you will be given a tour of your workplace to help you with orientation and made aware of some basic “environmental” arrangements such as toilets, lunch and break facilities, fire procedure etc.
  • you will have an opportunity to check and submit all relevant paperwork, including details relating to payroll and pensions
  • researchers should also be introduced to the dedicated researcher induction resource online

These are all items on the induction checklist [Google Doc] which you and your manager should complete together during your induction period. An additional financial information checklist [Google Doc] complements the induction check list, for staff with financial responsibilities.