What happens at the centres?

Before the centre, candidates complete a number of online questionnaires and relevant pre-reading.

The first day of the centre is based around a business simulation exercise.

Throughout the simulation participants work individually and in groups and tackle a variety of situations including a one-to-one meeting, group meetings, written exercises and a presentation.

After the simulation, a behavioural profile for each candidate is produced, identifying leadership strengths and development opportunities. This profile, together with the results of other online questionnaires, form the basis of personal feedback sessions for each participant.

The assessment centre was a very challenging but also a very rich learning experience. The intensity of the first day was energising and the feedback was very helpful in identifying areas I really seemed to shine in as well as areas where I needed to put in more effort or prepare better in order to be successful. It taught me a great deal about how I am perceived by others

Marysia Koc, Health Sciences