Role alignment

As part of the follow up to the Development and assessment centres (DACs) we have introduced a role alignment process which can be used by line managers recruiting for support roles from grade 5 upwards.

What is role alignment?

The DACs role alignment process gives line managers the opportunity to:

  • promote your vacancy to individuals who have attended DACs (120+ individuals from Grades 5-8). They represent a diverse internal candidate pool who have shown commitment to their ongoing development
  • attract candidates with transferable skills/behaviours who may not otherwise have considered your role
  • access candidates who have already been through a rigorous and objective assessment process (therefore reducing some of the risks inherent in the recruitment process)

In return, recruiting managers agree to guarantee an interview to those candidates from DACs who demonstrate the relevant behaviours and the essential technical skills required for your vacancy.

Role alignment will normally operate alongside existing internal and external recruitment processes. However there may be circumstances when you wish to consider the DACs pool only. Please talk to your HR contact for more information.

How to participate in role alignment as part of my recruitment process

The first step in the process is to complete the role alignment questionnaire and return it to It will then be advertised to the DACs pool and interested candidates will submit a short additional application form.