What happens afterwards?

The main purpose of the centre is to support individuals who are looking to progress their development and/or career.

Career development will be different for each person: individuals may step up into a more senior role, gain breadth through experiencing roles at the same level or deepen their expertise within the current role.

Everyone who attends a centre will have access to a variety of future development opportunities, including feedback, coaching and action learning.

Individuals who have attended DACs may also have the opportunity to be shortlisted for interview for advertised roles subject to meeting the essential criteria and behaviours.

Participants who have gained most from DACs have used it to inform their career and development goals, and have been proactive about shaping and implementing their development plan.

What people have said

What the DACs has allowed me to do is play to my strengths when working with others

Andrew Male, Information Services

DACs allowed me to know what I was good at, but just as important was the objective feedback on my weaker areas. This allowed me to focus on training and support to improve these areas as well as building on skills I had not really considered previously

Anna Grey, Research and Enterprise