If you intend to resign or retire from your employment, you should:

Planning for retirement

Ahead of retiring, you should obtain information about any pension benefits you have accrued while working at the University. You may also wish to consider flexible retirement. Current employees can find information about how to obtain retirement benefit illustrations on the pensions webpages.

You should discuss your intention to retire with your manager as early as possible, as they will need to notify HR earlier so that payment of your retirement benefits can be arranged on time. Once you have made your decision to retire, you should send a letter resigning from your post by reason of retirement to your line manager, giving your contractual period of notice.

You and your line manager should then complete the Leaver Form ensuring that the reason for leaving is given as retirement. This will begin the process of your retirement.

Once the Leaver Form has been submitted you will receive formal confirmation of your retirement from HR. This notification will also be sent to the Pensions Team.

For members of the University of York Pension Fund, USS and NHS Pensions

Once the Pensions Team receives the formal notification of your retirement from HR, they will notify the relevant pension scheme of your retirement. In due course, the scheme will then write to you directly with details of your benefits and provide the forms that you will need to complete to claim them.

For members of The People's Pension

You will need to contact The People's Pension directly to claim your retirement benefits from them. They can be reached on 0300 2000 555.

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