1. Policy statement

The Equality Diversity and Inclusivity strategy is founded on principles of excellence, equality and opportunity for all. The University of York is proud to create an environment that attracts the best staff and students from all over the world.

To help achieve this we will treat our staff fairly and consistently at all stages of their career with us. The Leaver policy is a key component of this.

As a large employer and a research intensive University, we hold a great deal of information, some of which is highly sensitive. It is important that we acknowledge this position and follow the measures outlined below to protect this information

It is important to ensure that any risk to the University, arising from the end of the employment relationship, is minimised.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all staff, regardless of their contract type, who leave the University permanently e.g. through resignation, retirement or dismissal.

3. Aims

This document provides guidance to ensure that managers and staff undertake all tasks required for the employment relationship to be ended whilst ensuring that any exit is undertaken lawfully and with dignity.

The University needs to ensure that when a staff member leaves all property is returned and access to all University systems and information is closed. This document informs managers and staff of these obligations and processes.

4. Principles

All information provided by staff leaving University employment will be treated confidentially and in accordance with Data Protection regulations.

5. Procedure

All staff, other than casual workers, should follow the links in the table and complete the paperwork no less than two weeks before leaving so that arrangements can be finalised before the end of the contract:

Activity By
Resigning or retiring from your employment at York Employee
IT Services - leaving information Employee
Leaver checklist - what actions must be taken prior to leaving Employee
Leaver questionnaire - if you wish to provide more detail on your reason(s) for leaving Employee
Leaver notification - formalising details of departure Manager

The leaver procedure is different for casual workers. There is no requirement to complete a leaver form as all contractual arrangements are confirmed at the start of the engagement. Where a casual worker has an @york.ac.uk IT account, and is not a student, they should also refer to IT Services - arrangements for staff leavers.

There are additional requirements regarding the return of University property and information.

If equipment, furniture, books or other products are provided to an employee by the University, those items remain the property of the University when the employee leaves the University. The employee is responsible for returning these items on or before the last working day. This includes:

  • Externally funded property procured by the University on behalf of the funder

  • Property provided for remote working

  • Property shared with others

  • Property that has not formally been registered as a University asset.

Where equipment, furniture, books or other items have been procured by the employee and reimbursed via expenses, that property belongs to the employee and can be retained when leaving the University.

However any such property (e.g. hard drives, memory sticks) that includes University data must be cleansed of that data or the data transferred before the employee leaves, noting that any confidential or restricted University data cannot be transferred The Information for staff leavers procedure sets out the various processes an employee must follow prior to leaving.

For University property of low residual value (generally below £50), and/or University property with low redeployability due to hygiene and physical handling issues (e.g. some furniture, keyboards, mice, headsets), and/or specialist equipment that has been purchased/adapted for an employee’s individual needs (e.g. a disability), such property may be retained when the employee leaves. The employee must contact their manager to agree arrangements before leaving.

Where an employee does not wish to keep such University property and it is impracticable for them to return it to the University, the University may arrange for collection and/or disposal of that property.

6. Responsibilities

A brief table of the key areas of activity and the role-holder with overall responsibility.

Role Accountable for
Heads of department (or delegated authority to line manager)

Ensuring leave notification is completed

Ensuring equipment is returned


Making final payment

Issuing P45

Human Resources

Issuing leaver letter

Undertaking exit interview if requested


Completing leaver checklist & leaver questionnaire

Following the IT Services leaver procedure

7. Approval

This development and review of this policy will involve consultation with both the Heads of Professional Services and the Policy Special Interest Group prior to approval and publication. Final approval of Heads of Professional Services on 19 May 2022.

8. Monitoring

This policy will usually be reviewed as a minimum every three years or in response to revised legislation and applicable standards and guidelines, whichever is sooner, to ensure that this policy still meets the University’s needs

9. 'Review by' date

July 2025



Document control

  • Approved on: 1 March 2022