The logo


The University of York logo is available to download in both TIFF and EPS formats. This link is only accessible to people with a University of York login. If you need to send a logo to an external contact, please download the appropriate version and email it directly to them.

If you need the logo in another format or size, please contact the Communications Office ( or ext 2063) with your requirements.


Our name

The University must be referred to as the University of York NOT York University, to avoid confusion with York University, Toronto, Canada.

Using the logo

The University of York logo in the correct colour and proportions

The University logo is based on Palatino, the official University font, with a calligraphic interpretation of the words of York.

The logo must be used on all outputs including stationery, posters, publications, websites, uniforms and merchandise.

Protection area

An image showing the required 'protected area' around the University of York logo

There is an invisible ‘protection area’ around the logo which must not be encroached upon. As a rule of thumb, it should measure more than the depth or width of one of the capital letters from the logo.