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A novel approach to the structure and assembly of viruses

This £700,000 grant is led by Professor Reidun Twarock and funded by The Leverhulme Trust and gives funding to a portfolio of research projects:

Postdoc Dr Thomas Keef A new symmetry principle applied to the structure of simple viruses – implications on virus assembly and virus evolution
Postdoc Dr Karim Elsawy An energy landscape approach to virus assembly
Postdoc Dr Eric Dykeman Dynamic properties of viruses
Research student Jess Wardman A computer tool for the computation of the geometric constraints on viral capsid proteins arising from the 3-d symmetry principle
Research student Simone Racca Martinsitic transitions in viral capsid geometries
Research student Nick Grayson Virus assembly via a Hamiltonian path approach

Press Release: 2 April 2007