Accessibility statement

Cross-disciplinary Masters by Research programme

(Please note, this is a research degree programme, not a taught degree programme.  You will be performing research under a supervisor to produce a thesis at the end of the programme).

This cross-disciplinary Masters by Research programme focuses on using cross-disciplinary research approaches to tackle  complex real-world problems.  These projects bring together students and supervisors to address specific research problem from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  Each student is registered in their home discipline department, usually with two cross-disciplinary research co-supervisors.  The student and supervisor team work together in YCCSA, joint tackling a real research problem, whilst learning cross-disciplinary research skills.  Successful students will graduate with a Masters by Research degree from their department.

In addition to project-specific requirements, successful applicants will have

  • a demonstrable track record in project working, for example a first-class undergraduate individual project
  • a strong interest in pursing cross-disciplinary research
  • strong team working skills and experience
  • your own source of funding for the degree programme

If you are interested in this programme, please contact relevant YCCSA staff members to discuss potential research projects.  Once you have identified a research topic and potential supervisor team, please apply Online.

Examples of cross-disciplinary projects (non-exhaustive set):

  • Self-organising maps to cluster Raman Spectra
  • Reservoir computing in material substrates
  • Major transitions in Artificial Chemistries
  • Social networks in killer whales
  • Environmental change impact on ant colonies
  • Graph-based evolutionary algorithms
  • Role of geometry in virus structure and evolution
  • Real-time MRI swallowing and speech in maxillofacial surgery patients
  • Evolution of collective decision making
  • Systemic failure in Development Finance