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Using and protecting information

Everyone - including staff, students and associates - has a part to play in protecting information at the University.

Loss or inappropriate use of information can damage our reputation and have legal and financial repercussions.

You must protect your own information and devices, and safeguard other people's information, their copyright, and any other legal rights.

These pages provide guidance about how you should use data. For information about the personal data held about you by the University, see Data Protection: Your information.

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Seven golden rules

What are the seven golden rules of information security, and how can you make sure you follow them?

Information policy and you

Five steps to understanding information access, use, handling and security, and how it applies to you.


Find out about training courses and other sources of help.

University Information Policy index

The full list of policies, categorised by theme, along with a short summary of each one to guide you in the right direction.