Rachel G.

Class Teacher -Year 3/4
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About me

Rachel G.
Management, Information Technology and Language
United Kingdom

My employment

Class Teacher -Year 3/4
Newdale Primary School

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A day in the life of a Class Teacher -Year 3/4 in

How I found out about the job

Local/regional press

Courses taken since graduation

PGCE -Upper Primary

Where I hope to be in 5 years

To gain a TLR in a few years time (and become part of the senior management team). Deputy head perhaps and maybe head eventually -who knows!

My advice to students considering work

Do what YOU want to do! Not what somebody else might be a good idea, or what you feel obliged to -work is a big part of your life and you can't do something you don't enjoy for the rest of it.

What I do

I am responsible for a class of 29 year 3/4 children every day! I teach a wide range of subjects and topics to children who are have a wide range of abilities. I am responsible for their wellbeing, for planning their learning and assessing how they are progressing.

Skills I use and how I developed them

After finishing my degree I did a PGCE in Upper Primary at York St John University.

Degree skills:
Time management, people management, ICT skills. French -I am Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator at my school.

Extracurricular skills:
How to work with children -through lots of voluntary work. I took part in YSIS and KEEN whilst at the University of York which were both invaluable experiences.

What I like most

The children! They make it what it is, and they are the reason we are all there. They are amazing people to spend time with, and it's incredible to think the impact you can have on their lives.

What I like least

The constant workload. Sometimes it seems never ending! There is no such thing as finishing your to do list in teaching! Sometimes it feels a bit of an uphill slog, but then one of the kids will say something silly and you forget about the pile of paperwork you have to sort and have a giggle instead!

What would I change? Nothing really, although it wasn't the most direct way of do it I wouldn't change it. Although what I am doing now doesn't exactly relate to my degree, it has had an impact and I don't regret it.

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