SADIE Binaural Measurements

Head related transfer function measurements for virtual loudspeaker rendering.


Binaural Measurements

You can find below binaural measurements taken for specific loudspeaker configurations to enable virtual loudspeaker rendering and binaural analysis of decoders. The datasets also contain reference median and azimuthal plane measurements. Each dataset contains the RAW, Diffuse Field Compensated and Minimum Phase versions of the HRTFs with an associated ITD lookup table. The HRTFs are measured from a custom HRTF measurement system using an equalised Equator D5 loudspeaker at 1.5m from the centre of the subjects head. Head position was assured through infra-red motion tracking and laser alignment. You can choose to download the WAV files directly in zip format, which are in 44.1K - 16bit, 48K - 24bit and 96K - 24bit. You can also download the Diffuse Field Compensated HRTFs in AES 69 format (at 48K - 24 bit).

The measurements taken from a KEMAR binaural mannequinn and a Neumann KU100 dummy head have 1550 points on the sphere. The distribution of points can be found here. These dummy head measurements faciliate all of the Ambisonic decoders found on the Ambsisonic Decoders page. The config files by default are set to use the diffuse field compensated versions at 44.1kHz.

Measurements from human subjects contain 170 points on the sphere. The distribution of points can be found here. These measurements specifically support the Ambisonic decoders found here . The config files by default are set to use the diffuse field compensated versions at 44.1kHz.

This database is distributed free of charge under a non-commercial LICENSE *
To discuss any other applications please contact The original dataset must be referenced whenever used in original or modified form. Please cite the following Open Acess journal paper DOI: 10.3390/app8112029

SubjectN PointsInfoWAV downloadAES 69/SOFA downloadView DataTest
0011550KEMAR binaural mannequinnSubject_001_Wav.zipSADIE_KEMAR_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
0021550KU100 binaural headSubject_002_Wav.zipSADIE_KU100_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
003170Human SADIE_003_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
004170Human SADIE_004_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
005170Human SADIE_005_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
006170Human SADIE_006_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
007170Human SADIE_007_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
008170Human SADIE_008_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
009170Human SADIE_009_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
010170Human SADIE_010_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
011170Human SADIE_011_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
012170Human SADIE_012_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
013170Human SADIE_013_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
014170Human SADIE_014_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
015170Human SADIE_015_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
016170Human SADIE_016_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
017170Human SADIE_017_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
018170Human SADIE_018_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
019170Human SADIE_019_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay
020170Human SADIE_020_DFC_256_order_fir_48000.sofa View DataPlay

* SADIE Database Copyright 2018 The University of York This product includes data developed at The Audio Lab, University of York, UK (Cal Armstrong, Lewis Thresh, Gavin Kearney) as part of the SADIE Project.