Accessibility statement

Information and Records Management Service

Our objectives

  • To create, organise and promote effective and sustainable information and records management systems for the University's records and data: supporting the implementation of the University Plan, Information and Records Management Strategies
  • To provide advice, expertise and training on information management and record-keeping
  • To maintain and preserve the University's archival record: participating in dissemination and outreach activities in relation to the University's archive and history, promoting awareness, inclusivity and engagement with the University's history and records

Our values

The following values support those of the University in its University Plan and inform the Records Management vision and objectives.

  • Encouraging trust, creativity, independence, enterprise and initiative
  • Facilitating the creation, curation and dissemination of knowledge and information assets
  • Supporting staff, students and stakeholders in the management of records, compliance, risk
  • Applying the best ethical standards

Priority objectives

  • Revise record retention schedules for core university functions and activities
  • Work with departments to identify suitable provision the accommodation for inactive records
  • Provide staff training in records and data management
  • Identify vital records: documents essential to the core functioning of the institution which protect the interests and rights of the University, its staff, students and major stakeholders
  • Select, appraise and preserve records of archival value for the University Archive
  • Provide dedicated accommodation and finding aids for archival records
  • Provide dedicated accommodation for non-current records


  • Information and Records Manager and University Archivist - Charles Fonge
  • Archive and Records Management Assistant - Graham Hughes
July 2019