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Isaac Grief


Title of Research:

'Understanding the impact of statebuilding interventions on legitimacy in post-conflict environments'.

Brief overview of research topic:

A political order's legitimacy is widely seen as a - if not the - key component in explaining and cultivating stable peace. Prevailing theories of international peacebuilding rightly put the role of local peoples' normative commitment to and identification with the state at their heart. This research seeks to formulate a theory of legitimacy that enables analysts to apprehend local dynamics of legitimacy and, in particular, its development alongside and as a fundamental part of the creation of a new political order after violent conflict. The theory will hence enable a better understanding of the impact of statebuilding interventions on legitimacy relationships.




BA (First) in Politics and International Relations

MA in Postwar Recovery Studies





Isaac is supervised by Dr Jacob Eriksson

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Mr Isaac Grief