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A good year for published books

Posted on 25 September 2019

The department has had an excellent year in terms of published books...

‌‌The department has seen some excellent books published over the last academic year, congratulations to:

  • Sara De Jong  - Decolonization and Feminisms in Global Teaching and Learning
  • Jacob Eriksson - Iraq After ISIS - The Challenges of Post-War Recovery
  • Paul Gready - From Transitional to Transformative Justice
  • Louise Haagh - The Case for Universal Basic Income
  • Peg Murray-Evans - Power in North-South Trade Negotiations
  • Alasia Nuti - Injustice and the Reproduction of History
  • Sofia Vasilopoulou - Far Right Parties and Euroscepticism

‌‌Iraq after ISIS book cover

book coverBasic Income book cover

book cover