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Dr Adam Fusco has an article published...

Posted on 21 November 2019

Dr Adam Fusco has had an article published on the Northern Ireland politics blog Slugger O'Toole

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The article entitled "Could a DUP Victory in North Belfast Paradoxically aid Remain?" Adam says "as the polls stand the result of 2019 general election is predicted to be an overall Conservative majority. However, a hung parliament is not ruled out from the realms of possibility. In such a scenario the Conservative and Labour parties will be attempting to gain as much support from others to form a government. The tacit Remain alliance that has emerged in Northern Ireland in advance of the election has seen the SDLP and Green Party stand aside in North Belfast, with their assumption being that Sinn Féin are the party best placed to defeat the DUP’s Nigel Dodds and advance the anti-Brexit cause. There is a paradox, however, that under certain conditions a DUP victory in North Belfast might in fact aid the cause of Remain."