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York Centre for Conflict and Security Annual Lecture

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Wednesday 8 February 2023, 5.00PM to 6:30 PM

Speaker(s): Professor Kristin Bakke

Join us on Wednesday 8th February for York Centre for Conflict and Security Annual Lecture.
Kristin Bakke is a Political Science and International Relations Professor at UCL and Associate Research Professor at PRIO. Her research focuses on political violence, particularly how states respond to opposition within their borders, the dynamics of violence in self-determination struggles, post-war state-building and wartime legacies, and geopolitical orientations in Russia's near abroad.
Prof Bakke's lecture will draw on new survey data she has collected with ordinary people in Ukraine and other countries in Russia's near abroad, both before and after the invasion of Ukraine. The same people were surveyed where possible to examine how their attitudes to geopolitics changed during this period. This lecture examines these responses and the implications for the region's future in light of Putin's war.

Location: ARC/014

Admission: Free all welcome