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A PhD student working with a plasma beam for the deposition of magnetic thin films.

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Profile picture Dr Luca Antonelli
Martin Read, a Post Doc based at YPI Dr Martin Read



Profile picture Dr Peter Hill
Kari Niemi Dr Kari Niemi

PhD Students

CDT Phd Student Philip Bradford
Leo Doehl Leo Doehl
Phil Durey
Damon Farley Damon Farley
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CDT Phd Student Caroline Lumsdon
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Valentin Aslanyan


Destination: Culham

Eleanor Tubman

Ellie Tubman


Destination: Imperial College London




Reem Alraddadi


Destination: King Saud University

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Mohammed Shahzad

Laser Engineer

Destination: Finmeccanica

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Ozgur Culfa

Lecturer/ Assistant Professor

Destination: Karamanoglu MehmetBey Universitesi

Rachel Dance

Rachel Dance


Destination: Strathclyde University

Thomas Fox

Thomas Fox


Destination: Chalmers

Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan

Staff Scientist

Destination: AWE




Ian Bush

Amalyst Programmer

Destination: Tessella




Peter Denner


Destination: Forschungszentrum Jülich



Monday 20 May 2019 Prof Roberto Mancini University of Nevada

X-ray heating and radiation cooling of laboratory photoionized plasmas

Abstract (PDF , 424kb)




Monday 15 October 2018 David Neeley CLF

New developments at the Central Laser Facility

Friday 4 May 2018 Dr Gilles Cheriaux National Energetics

Custom Scientific laser systems with up to 10 petawatt peak power

Abstract (PDF , 2,312kb)


Friday 17 November 2017 Prof S.Lee Institute for Plasma Focus Studies, Australia

From Beam-target to Thermonuclear Fusion in the Dense Plasma Focus Pinch: Energy throughput scaling

Abstract (PDF , 8kb)


Friday 17 November 2017 Prof S.H.Saw  Nilai University, Malaysia

Review of Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments

Abstract (PDF , 85kb)


Friday 28 April 2017 Prof Jorge Rocca Colorado State University

The development and applications of capillary discharge extreme ultra-violet lasers

Thursday 30 March 2017 Dr Bob Nagler Stanford University

Phase Contrast Imaging and X-ray diffraction of shock-induced phase transitions at LCLS

Abstract (PDF , 91kb)