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David Efird Student Prize

The Rev'd Dr David Efird taught in the Department of Philosophy from 2002 until his untimely death in 2020. He was a popular colleague, tutor and mentor. During his time at York he engaged in a wide range of topics which included metaphysics, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of language, social epistemology, philosophy of Christianity, Philosophy of Islam and, more recently analytic theology. 

In his memory, his family generously set up an annual student prize worth £300. The prize will be awarded to the student on the MA Analytic Philosophy or MA Philosophy who achieves the highest essay mark >72 on a topic in the field of philosophy of religion, or on a contemporary issue or theme using a philosophy of religion perspective.

Students may only be awarded the prize once. In the event of a tie, the Prize will normally be shared.

The 2022/23 prize has been awarded to Greg Hunt for his essay  “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything at All”: Maimonides vs. Aquinas on Theological Speech

Congratulations, Greg!