Endemism Project


The Sheep Trust received funding from Defra to undertake a detailed analysis of geographical concentration of regional sheep breeds in the UK to determine the number of breeds that could be classified as Heritage Sheep Breeds. The analysis was completed, presented to the National Standing Committee on Farm Animal Genetic Resources and published in an international peer reviewed journal. For details see below:


* UK Government policy change: geographical concentration of breeds now a recognised risk factor to farm animal genetic resources - March 2011 Heritage Sheep Breeds recommended for inclusion in the national Breeds at Risk Register.

See the geographical distribution of native sheep breeds of the UK that continue to be commercially farmed
Brecknock Hill Cheviot Romney
Dalesbred Rough Fell
Devon Closewool Shetland
Exmoor Horn South Country Cheviot Heritage
Herdwick South Wales Mountain
Lonk Welsh Hill Speckled Face
*For further information click here for the Published Article


reportThe report to the committee (pdf)