Bruce Group


Neil C Bruce
Professor of Biotechnology
CNAP, Department of Biology (B/M219)
Wentworth Way
University of York
YO10 5DD

Tel: +44 (0)1904 328777


Bruce Lab - Past group members


Astrid Lorenz - 2006-2011

Joe Bennett  - 2008-2010

Hazel Housden - 2003-2010

Cyril Bontemps – 2008-2009

Rosamond Jackson – 2005-2009

Zhenlian Ling – 2008

Fernando Gandia-Herrero  – (EMBO Fellowship) – 2006-2009

Zoe Symons – 2005-2007

Deborah Rathbone – 2002-2006

Adam Walker – 2002-2005



Ann Barker – 2007-2008

Kim Simpson –  2005-2006

Grant Womack – 2004-2005


Research Students:

Julia Schuckel, Developing a new platform technology for oxidative biocatalysis: mining the potential of plant P450s for biohydroxylations, awarded 2012. (jointly supervised with Dr G Grogan, Dept of Chemistry). 

Chun Shiong Chong, Characterisation of the novel explosive degrading cytochrome P450 XplA, awarded 2011.

Andy Taylor, Gold phytomining, awarded 2011

Federico Sabbadin, Screening and optimization of novel cytochrome P450 family for biohydroxylation, awarded 2011.

Helen Sparrow, The role of glutathione transferases in the detoxification of TNT, awarded 2011.

Heather Stubley, Novel Biocatalytic Routes for the Synthesis of Semi-synthetic Opiates, awarded 2010

Claudia Szolkowy, Developing a generic high-throughput method for the rapid generation of libraries of 'designer'-oxidoreductase biocatalysts, awarded 2010.

Florian Fisch, New malonate decarboxylases for industrial biocatalysis, awarded 2010.

Emily Beynon, Mechanisms of trinitrotoluene transformation in Arabidopsis thaliana, awarded 2008.

Francesco Falcioni, Biocatalysis in ionic liquids, awarded 2008.

Gilda Mena-Benitez, Phytoremediation of chlorinated compounds, awarded 2007.

Shaza Mohamed, Microbial transformations of the morphine alkaloids, awarded 2007.

Astrid Lorenz, Bioengineering of transgenic plants degrading xenobiotics, jointly supervised with Prof. Ian Graham, awarded 2007.

Markus Weis, Structure function analysis of Arabidopsis glucosyltransferases, jointly supervised with Prof Dianna Bowles, awarded 2007.

Zoe Symons, An investigation into the use of enzymes for the detection and bioremediation of explosives, awarded 2006.

James Edwards, Bioremediation of the high explosive RDX, awarded 2006.


Cambridge Postdocs and Research Staff:

Sharon Abraham
Amrik Basran
Peter Binks
Elaine Boyd
Karen Bufton
Chang Jun Cha
Riz Chawdri
Joy Colquhoun
Christopher French
Anne Hailes
Peter Holt
Keith Jordan
Marianne Long
Diane Lister
Deborah Rathbone
Ian Ross
Susan Rosser
Mark Tolley
Richard Williams

Cambridge Research Students:

Zoe Symons, The biotransformation of explosives by the Old Yellow family of flavoproteins, awarded 2006.

Emma Travis, Microbial ecology of soil contaminated with trinitrotoluene, PhD awarded 2005.

Campbell Tang, Microbial hydroxylation of the morphinans, PhD awarded 2004.

Adam Walker, Combined catalytic methods in the preparation of oxycodone, PhD awarded 2004.

Erik Gimpel, Biotransformation of morphine alkaloids by cytochrome P450, PhD awarded 2003.

Nerissa Hannink, Phytodetoxification of TNT by transgenic plants expressing a bacterial nitroreductase, PhD awarded 2003.

Helena Seth Smith, Microbial degradation of RDX, PhD awarded 2002.

Richard Williams, Biotransformation of explosives by the Old Yellow family of flavoenzymes, PhD awarded 2001.

Birgitte Boonstra, A study of bacterial soluble pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenases, PhD awarded 2000.

Gayatri Kanungo, Biocatalytic routes for the production of important semisynthetic opiates, PhD awarded 1998.

Matthew Bresler, Isolation, cloning and expression of a bacterial cocaine esterase, PhD awarded 1998.

Neil Trueman, Microbial transformations of vanillin, PhD awarded 1998.

Sean Jauss, An investigation of tropine dehydrogenase, PhD awarded 1998.

Edward Walker, Strategic engineering of morphine dehydrogenase, PhD awarded 1997.

Farheen Khan, Development of a biorecognition system for the detection of arsenate, PhD awarded 1997.

Mark Griffiths, The metabolism of cocaine by Pseudomonas maltophilia MBER, PhD warded 1997.

Peter Stabler, The fungal transformation of the morphine alkaloids, PhD awarded in 1996.

Chang Jun Cha, The metabolism and enzymology of aromatic ring degradation by the nocardioform actinomycetes, PhD awarded 1996.

Diane Lister, The microbial metabolism of cocaine, PhD awarded 1995.

Chris French, Biotransformations of the morphine alkaloids, PhD awarded1994.

Anne Hailes, The microbial degradation of the morphine alkaloids, PhD awarded 1994.

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