Accessibility statement

Fictionality workshop 4

Tuesday 2 June 2009, 4.00PM to 6.30pm

Speaker(s): Brian Richardson (University of Maryland)

"The Question of Fictionality in Nabokov and Others"

[examines four ways in which Nabokov seems to problematize the issue of fictionality: the contamination of the boundary between nonfictional preface and fictional text; the publication of the same text ("Colette") as fiction and as nonfiction; the requiring of some knowledge of the author's life and work to properly interpret a fictional text; and authorial intrusions into the fictional world. These analyses in turn lead to some larger questions and conclusions concerning the nature of fictional representation.]

Respondent: Porter Abbott (University of California, Santa Barbara)

General discussion to follow, with reference to Nabokov's "First Love."

Location: K/G/33, King's Manor

Admission: Intended primarily for staff and post-graduate students. Those wishing to participate should contact Richard Walsh ( by Wednesday 27th May to obtain a copy of the advance reading material on which the discussion will be focussed (Nabokov’s story “First Love”).