Accessibility statement

Complexity reading group

Wednesday 18 April 2012, 12.15PM to 1.15pm

CModS has made links with YCCSA - York's Centre for Complex Systems Analysis - in an effort to build intellectual links across the humanities and sciences, specifically in order to investigate Complex Systems as they pertain to Modern Studies with a view to exploring World Systems and other related ideas. 
As part of this process we are participating in the YCCSA reading group, and have provided a reading for their next meeting on 18th April, at 12.15.  We are hoping to build up a home and away pattern to the reading group where we visit YCCSA and explore their set reading and they then visit CModS and explore a reading set by us.
If you are interesting in finding out more about complexity studies, in exploring potential overlaps between forms of systems analysis across the supposed divide between humanities subjects and the sciences, then do join us for the next reading group meeting. You would be very welcome.

The reading for this meeting is a short chapter taken from Overcoming the Two Cultures: Science versus the Humanities in the Modern World System edited by Richard E Lee and Immanuel Wallerstein (2004). The chapter is by Lee and entitled 'Complexity Studies'. It is an attempt to track, explain and explore the rise of complexity studies and what it means for inter/intra-disciplinary thinking, work and ideas. And, how it might reveal the falsity behind the division between the sciences, on one hand, and the arts and humanities on the other. 

Location: YCCSA seminar room (RCH/204)

Admission: All welcome