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Structural crisis of the capitalist world-system: How serious? How long? Endpoint?

Professor Immanuel Wallerstein

Thursday 28 June 2012, 5.15PM

Speaker(s): Professor Immanuel Wallerstein

This public lecture will examine the structural crisis of the capitalist world system, especially as it has been experienced in recent years.  It will place this within a historical and sociological understanding of the capitalist world system. Finally, it will look at how long such a crisis can continue and what may constitute and bring about its end point.

Professor Wallerstein is a globally renown academic currently at Yale as a Senior Research Scholar in the Department of Sociology. Since the 1970s he has become a crucial critical commentator on the development, expansion, and form of capitalist modernity.

His work has been foundational to the development of world systems analysis and his primary areas of expertise are:

  • the historical development of the modern world-system
  • the contemporary capitalist world-economy
  • structures and systems of knowledge.

Supported by the University of York's Department of English & Related Literature, Department of Sociology and the Centre for Modern Studies, the University of Middlesex and University College Dublin.

There will also be a research response day on 29th June .

UCD Dublin Middlesex University Warwick University

Department of English and Related Literature, Department of Sociology, and Centre for Modern Studies, University of York

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Location: P/X001, Physics, University of York