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Other Stories: Queering the University Art Collection

Tuesday 28 February 2012, 6.00PM to 7.00pm

 A Guided Tour by artist Matt Smith

In celebration of this year's Queer/LGBTI History Month, CMODS has hooked up with Leeds University Art Gallery which is hosting a special exhibition project with new work by Matt Smith entitled "Other Stories: Queering the University Art Collection". A display of materials from the University of Leeds's Special Collections related to Victorian writer, poet and early gay activist Edward Carpenter is the inspiration for Smith's 'interventions' in the University Art Collection. Everyday objects are inscribed with stories by different people from the LGBTI community, whose experiences shed light on the multiple and varied experiences within the Britisth LGBTI community in the past 100 years. These stories offer alternate views of our shared history, and its representation in museums and galleries.

Because the event will involve a private view of the exhibition, guided by the artist, numbers will sadly have to be limited because of the size of the gallery, so please sign up on the sheet on the door of the Centre for Modern Studies Office, (room BS/118) which can be found on the first floor of the Berrick Saul Building.

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Press release about the exhibition:

Press release Other Stories (PDF , 167kb)


Location: University of Leeds Art Gallery