Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Bringing human solidarity back into the rights equation

Thursday 6 October 2011, 6.00PM

Speaker(s): Justice Albie Sachs


Justice Sachs was an architect of the post-apartheid South African constitution and a judge in the Constitutional Court of South Africa until 2009. His legal career began at the Cape Bar, defending people charged under racist statutes and security laws. He was himself subjected to prolonged periods of detention without trial before going into exile in 1966. He studied and taught law in Southampton, before moving to Mozambique where he was badly injured in a bomb attack in 1988, losing an arm and the sight in one eye. From 1990, he took part in the negotiations which led to South Africa becoming a constitutional democracy. President Nelson Mandela appointed him to serve on the newly established Constitutional Court in 1994.

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Location: Room LMB002A, Law and Management building, Heslington East

Admission: Admission by free ticket only