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Representing Homelessness: A Visual Ethics Network group disucssion led by Dr Thomas Morgan Evans

Tuesday 24 January 2023, 5.00PM to 7.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Thomas Morgan Evans (Art Academy London)

There has been a shift in recent years from discussions of 'the homeless', a term that eclipses the humanity of the subjects in question, to discussion of 'experiences of homelessness'. Concomitant with this shift is an increased concern for forms of homeless experience beyond that which might be reduced to a certain culturally familiar representation: that of the lone male, viewed as if stood over, within a mise-en-scene of decrepitude, alcoholism and urban malaise.

Yet how might a more diverse understanding of homelessness experiences be represented? What are the political ramifications and possibilities for these shifts: how might homelessness be reimag(in)ed? The second session of the Visual Ethics Network will be introduced and led by Dr Thomas Morgan Evans (Art Academy London) as a lead-up to the CAA conference panel he is organising in February, entitled "Reimag(in)ing Homelessness".

The event will start with a brief presentation, and then group discussions will take place by taking as starting point the following reading:

Johnsen, Sarah, Jon May, and Paul Cloke. “Imag(in)Ing ‘Homeless Places’: Using Auto-Photography to (Re)examine the Geographies of Homelessness.” Area 40, no. 2 (2008): 194–207.

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