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Creative Responses to COVID-19

Monday 29 June 2020, 9.00AM

Call for Artworks

Deadline: 1 June 2020


Countervoices, Centre for Modern Studies, University of York

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the world has experienced a dramatic change, whose effects have infiltrated the cultural, social, political, and economic spheres. The real – the way we live, work, communicate, and socialise – has mainly turned into the virtual. In order to adjust to the new normality, both individuals and institutions have had to make significant changes in the way activities are conducted.

Despite the rigid lockdown measures restricting physical movement, people’s imaginative and original responses to these regulations have proven that creativity knows no borders. Whether by redecorating famous art works with facemasks and toilet paper, crocheting Covid-19 shaped dolls, or producing Coronavirus street art, these new responses to the physical and mental challenges brought about by the pandemic are informing and profoundly shaping  contemporary art practices.

The aim of CModS Artistic Practices is to encourage new modes of thinking about the pandemic through diverse forms of creative art. In doing so, it seeks to open a dialogue among York postgraduates about this current global crisis and to encourage creative, innovative, and meaningful communication across academic communities during the lockdown. This project welcomes creative responses to the pandemic from York Masters and PhD students. Each creative response should aim to tell a personal and/or shared story about the experience of the pandemic, followed by a brief explanation.

The form of your submission may include (but is not limited to):

-        Fiction 

-        Non-fiction

-        Documentary

-        Journaling

-        Painting and Calligraphy

-        Music

-        Videos/Vlogs

-        Performance

-        Installation

-        Photography

N.B.For reasons of convenience, the limit of the audio/visual responses should not exceed 5 minutes, and that of the fiction and nonfiction piece 2000 words.

Please send your creative response (any format), a brief explanation (100-150 words), your bio (50 words), and your Twitter account, if you have one (@XXXX) to by 1 June 2020, and present your work on your Twitter feed using the hashtag #CreativeCountervoices2020 and tagging the Countervoices (@cmodspgforum1) and CModS (@cmods1) Twitter accounts. For those who don’t have a Twitter account, we can help you tweet your work. 

The selection criteria for submissions are original and creative engagement with the theme, and the clarity of the link between the work and its description.  

The best creative projects will be virtually exhibited on the CModS webpage on 29 June 2020 and awarded Amazon vouchers or National Book Tokens (your choice) worth up to £50. We are grateful to the Centre for Modern Studies for making it possible for us to offer these awards.

We hope to hold a physical exhibition on the Universitiy campus once UK government lockdown measures are lifted. All of the communication, the digital entries for our exhibition, and the artistic practice will be archived by the Borthwick Institute for Archives.  It will form a lasting collective memory of the Covid-19 outbreak for York postgraduates and serve as an invaluable record of our academic community's creative response to the pandemic. 


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