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Public Art - a conversation

Monday 28 October 2019, 5.00PM to 7.00pm

Speaker(s): Shaela Sharmin, Shohrab Jahan, Jim Joel, Hasifa Mukyala and Emilie Flower

Artists Shaela Sharmin, Shohrab Jahan and Jim Joel, and curator Hasifa Mukyala will talk about their interest in public art and interactive happenings. They will discuss their involvement in street art festivals KLA ART in Kampala and Cheragi Art Show in Chittagong and artist-led spaces 32 Degrees East in Kampala and JOG art space in Chittagong. And reflect on how those spaces link up with university-based art departments and galleries Chittagong Institute for Fine Arts and Makerere Art Gallery.

  • Sensory and visual artist Shaela Sharmin, director of Chittagong Institute of Fine Arts and co-founder of JOG art space
  • Sculptor Shohrab Jahan, from Chittagong IFA and JOG art space
  • Photographer Jim Joel from 32 Degrees East art space in Kampala
  • Curator Hasifa Mukyala who works with Makerere Art Gallery in Kampala

Co-hosted by CAHR and CModS. This event is part of an AHRC-funded project on art, activism and archives, looking at how alternative ways of engaging with the past affects the political imagination today.

Location: Eynns Room, Heslington Hall

Admission: All welcome - no need to book