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Somewhat Coherent Research About Medieval Studies

Somewhat Coherent Research About Medieval Studies (SCRAMS) is our weekly postgraduate seminar, at which both PhD and MA students are encouraged to contribute papers, provide feedback to peers, and generally relax at the end of the week. 

SCRAMS takes place most Fridays during term time, and is occasionally used to provide training sessions in writing conference abstracts, delivering papers, and preparing for aspects of the MA (such as poster presentations, dissertation proposals, etc.). Each year we also do a series of roundtable discussions, for example on PhD applications, planning post-docs, giveing effective presentions and teaching best practice, imcluding topics such as teaching sensitive content and accommodating students' needs.

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Some highlights of SCRAMS 2021-22

Basil Price (CMS PhD)
“I Will Go Nowhere”: [No] Future in the Political Landscapes of Njáls Saga and Grettis Saga

Booker (History of Art PhD)
Working with Museums: Creating Accessible Object Labels

Brittany Orton (History PhD)
Early West Saxon Queenship: A Recovery of Matrilineal Politics in the Eighth and Ninth Centuries

Bianca Chiacchia (CMS MA)
Women in medieval Iceland and England

Madeline Fox (Medieval Literatures & Languages MA)
Optical Theory and Feminine Auctoritas within Chaucer's the Tale of Melibee

Ellen Gallimore (English PhD)
"The great distinctive feature of modern Romanism:" Henry Soames, Ælfric, and Transubstantiation

Katie Vernon (CMS PhD)
"Icham to meche te be cristine!": how giants' race and religion is expressed through their arms and armour

Laura Green (History PhD) 
Archbishop Wickwane’s Register: Experiment and Enterprise

Hannah Armstrong (English PhD)
The Saga Landscapes of Sabine Baring-Gould

Aaron Sheldon (CMS PhD)
Keeping in Contact: Mæðgur Relationships in Medieval Iceland

Cathy Jamieson (CMS MA)
Animal Bodies, Sacred Space: interpreting the 14th-century oak carvings in Winchester Cathedral choir through an ecocritical lens
Sarah McKeagney (PhD, History)
Quantifying Trust: Debt Litigation in London's church courts in the late fifteenth century

Marisa Michaud (CMS PhD)
Some thoughts on text, image, & patronage in an illuminated copy of 'la vie de sainte Colette'

Basil Price (CMS PhD)
Sufficient Tragedy: Masculinity as Cruel Optimism in Beowulf
Rachel Harley (CMS PhD)
The Enduring Bonds of Motherhood: Margaret Paston and her Sons

Alicia Maddalena (English PhD)
Some thoughts on the Distribution of Wisdom Words in the Old Norse Poetic Corpus
Becca Drake (English PhD)
Maps in the Mind: Romances of the North Atlantic and Coastal Memory


Some highlights of SCRAMS 2020-21

Katie Vernon (CMS, PhD)
Warrior Cleric as Romance Hero: arms-bearing by late medieval English clergymen
John Margham (CMS PhD)
Shalfleet, Isle of Wight- Minster Church or Lordly Tower-Nave?

Dr Ross McIntire (CMS Research Associate)
An Irish Model? Medieval Saints' Cults and Biographical Landscapes at Glendalough and St Davids
Isobel Staton (History PhD) 
Writing the Manor: Officers and Accounts in Fifteenth Century England
Annabel Dukes (English & Related Literatures PhD)
Conscription and Gatekeeping: The Middle English Lyric’s Formal Management of Communal Christian Identities
Sarah McKeagney (History PhD)
Thomas More’s Utopia and 'offensive' work in London’s lower Courts c.1470
Aaron Sheldon (CMS PhD)
Mothers, Daughters, and Fosterers: Old Norse Love in the Family
Brittany Orton (History PhD)
Recovering the Political Use of Kinship Networks by the Queens of Early Medieval England: A Re-Examining of the Historia ecclesiastica and Vita Wilfridi
Emma Nuding (CMS PhD)
'Sir Guthlac'?: A pilgrimage by Knight in Sir Gowther
Macon St. Hilaire (Economic and Social History, University of Glasgow)
Aqua Vitae: Examining how the water of life became Scotch whisky
Dr Fran Brooks (Leverhulme Scholar, York's Department of English & Related Literature ) 
'If only there were a tongue still vocal in the dust’: The Lament of the female exile in Brenda Chamberlain’s Tide-race (1962)
Roundtable Discussion: Social Media and Public Engagement
Aaron Sheldon (CMS PhD)
The Bed of Grief': Fathers, Sons, and Love in Old Norse Sagas'

Basil Arnould Price (CMS PhD)
Greenland as a Horizon: Approaching Queer Utopianism in Flóamanna Saga

Roundtable Discussion: Social Media and Public Engagement
Chris Rouse (Birmingham PhD; York MA alum)
Stereotyping the Scythians - or, How to Read Medieval Maps Like a Pedant

Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow (CMS PhD)
‘Thy Money Perish With Thee’: Generosity, Avarice and Sin in Caesarius of Heisterbach’s Dialogus Miraculorum

Kirstin Barnard (History PhD)
Tensions Between Generosity and Avarice in Small-Scale Communities in Later Medieval England

Karli Grazman (CMS PhD)
'Why etethe he yren?': Bits, Horsemanship, and Lordship in Middle English Romance

Becca Drake (English and Related Literature, PhD)
Writing the Museum: Poetry and the Hull Maritime Project

Stephen Huws (Trinity College Dublin, CMS MA Alum)
Mercy on Stained Glass

Stephanie Skenyon (University of Miami, CMS MA alum)
A Vulnerable Saint in an Inviolable Shrine: St. Æthelthryth, community vulnerability, and the heroics of virginity in the Liber Eliensis

Lauren Stokeld (CMS PhD)
Ditch, Please! Burh, Iron Age Hillforts and Anglo-Saxon Charter Bounds

Alicia Maddalena (English PhD)
Fróðr’s Place in the Old Norse Corpus

Alana Minerva (CMS)
Reauralising Romance: Using Experimental Performance to Investigate Middle English Romance


Some highlights of SCRAMS 2019-20

On May 15th, we hosted visiting professor, Shadreck Chirikure, from Oxford's School of Archaeology who spoke about 'Medieval African Urbanisms'. This presentation was jointly organized with CMS and the Department of Archaeology. The lecture was attended by 62 participants from all over the globe. Then on May 22nd, Lane Baker, a postgraduate student at Stanford University in the US contributed a talk, further internationalising our reach and continuing our aim to bring medievalists together at this time. 

Jinming Yi (History PhD)
'Authority in levying: financial administration and financial records of York, 1272-1371

Tim Wingard (CMS PhD)
Queering the (Medieval) Non-Human: the Role of the Animal in the Late Medieval Science of Sexuality

Lena Strid (Historical Archaeology PhD, Lund)
Supply and demand in Medieval Scandinavia

Catherine-Rose Hailstone (History PhD)

Place and Space: Gregory of Tours, Materiality, and the Fear of God

Tim Wingard (CMS PhD)
'How do monsters of another species arise?': Nicole Oresme's human-animal hybrids and species panic in late medieval science

Emmie-Rose Price-Goodfellow (CMS PhD)
How do you solve a problem like Rainald? The rewriting of a shared past in the Cistercian exempla collections?'

Sarah McKeagney (History MA alumna)
Female Work in London's Wardmote Records, 1422-3

Karli Grazman (CMS PhD)
Lybeaus Desconus and the Horsey Nature of middle English romances

Becca R. L. Drake (English Lit PhD)
Medieval North Atlantic Navigation

Brittany Orton (History PhD)
Queens of the Pendan Line: Evidence for Female Roles in the Courts

Emma Nuding (CMS PhD)
St Pega reimagined for the thirteenth century

Tim Wingard (CMS PhD)
Giants and Rape in Middle English Romance

Sharon Choe (CECS PhD)
Deformed Bodies and Old Norse Origins in William Blake

Prof. Shadreck Chirikure (Cape Town/Oxford)
Medieval African Urbanism

Lane Baker (Stanford)
Medieval Noise Regulation

Kirstin Barnard (History PhD)
Social Boundaries in Fifteenth-Century London

Catherine-Rose Hailstone (History PhD)
Theology and Cosmology in Late Antique Gaul

Dr Eric Wolever (CMS PhD alumnus)
Post-Doc Projects and Applications


Some highlights of SCRAMS 2018-19

Jordan Cook (HoA PhD)
Setting the Scene in the Bouts Workshop "Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin"

Lauren Stokeld (CMS PhD)
Historical Semantics in the Digital Age

Dinah Wouters, (visiting PhD Fellow)
A prophet’s take on Allegory: Hildegard of Bingen’s visionary allegory and exegesis as a literary and cultural form

Giacomo Valeri (English PhD)
Ghosts and Purgatory in the Middle English Gast of Gy

Catherine-Rose Hailstone (History PhD)
Place, Space and Emotion in the buildings and architecture of Gregory, Bishop of Tours

Dr Harriet Evans Tang (CMS PhD alumna)
“Sheep on a (warm?) turf roof” Why place matters in Old Norse-Icelandic texts

Becca Searby (CMS PhD)
Reading Jewish Court Activity in the ‘Room Where It Happened’

Alicia Maddalena (English PhD)
A Word for the Wise: Examining Horskr in the Old Norse Corpus

Eric Wolever (CMS PhD)
Temporal Progression in the Twelfth Century, A Westward Translatio?

Tim Wingard (CMS PhD)
Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth: Nature, sex, and heteronormativity in Middle English Flood narratives

Rob Grout (CMS PhD)
The medieval child in modern social theory: Is childhood a ‘social construct’?

Jinming Yi (History PhD)
Royal power and the legitimation of civic authority: defining a civic register in the fourteenth-century York

Becca Drake (English PhD)
The wind and the willow: heroic affinity with coastal maritime environments in medieval romance and saga literature

Ross McIntire (CMS PhD)
Marking Cuthbert's Footsteps: Memorialization and Material Investment in Post-Conquest Northumbria

Kirstin Barnard (History PhD)
Nuisance Neighbours and the Urban Landscape in Late Medieval London

Dr John Lee (CMS Research Associate)
Careers in Local Government

Catherine-Rose Hailstone (History PhD)
Translation and Language: a help and hindrance in historical thinking

Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow (CMS PhD)
“Following in the Footprints of the Ancient Fathers”: Thinking about the Past in Cistercian Exempla Collections

Dr Anya Burgon and Dr Divna Manolova (CML Post-Docs)
Navigating Post-Docs: Applications and Expectations

Jordan Cook (HoA PhD)
The Spiritual Significance of Tangibility in Dieric Bouts's Triptych of the Life of the Virgin



Some highlights of SCRAMS 2017-18

Eric Wolever (CMS PhD)
Three Continents or Four Corners: Twelfth Century Geography between Tradition and Innovation

Dr James Harland (History PhD)
Rethinking Ethnicity in Britain During the "Migration Period'

Catherine-Rose Hailstone (History PhD)
A Discussion on the Methodological Approaches to Historical Emotions: Past, Present and Future

Dr Katherine Weikert (Winchester; York Med Arch alumnus)
Men on the Watch: The Taisson Family and Motte d'Olivet, 1040s-1050s

Joshua Ravenhill (History PhD)
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones’: Ethnic slander towards immigrants in late medieval England

Jordan Cook (History of Art PhD)
Performative Pages, Wretched Readers: Reading Christ’s Body in British Library MS. Egerton 1821

Becca Drake (CMS MA, now English PhD)
Consuming Fish: Nature, the Human, and the Supernatural in the Saga of Ketil Salmon

Luke Giraudet (CMS PhD)
Between Rumour and Reality: Writing Truth in Fifteenth-Century Parisian Journals

Tim Wingard (CMS PhD)
“Giants, Rape, and Abduction in Middle English Romance”

Giacomo Valeri (English PhD)
Performing Grief in Pearl: Experimenting with Language of Christian Mourning

Dr Harriet Jean Evans (CMS PhD)
The Animal Effect: translating the emotions of animals in Old Norse literature

Basil Price (CMS MA)
Navigating the Ins and Outs of an Outlaw: Grettis Saga and the Boundaries of Heroism

Kirstin Barnard (CMS MA, now History PhD)
Disputing Monks: Social Exclusion and the Memorialisation of Conflict at Bardney Abbey

Abi Bleach (CMS MA)
Telling It Slant: Rethinking Early Medieval Cultural Geography

Dr Tine Scheijnen (visiting postdoctoral researcher, University of Ghent)
Le Bone Romance? A medieval quest with classical roots