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The CMS hosts a lively schedule of events which runs throughout the year, bringing together medieval researchers from across the country and the world.

These include national and international conferences and workshops, as well as a busy programme of lectures and seminars, listed in our regular Diary of Events (term-time only).

Upcoming events


Medieval Literatures Seminar

Dr Richard Dance is a Reader in the ASNC department at the University of Cambridge. He has published on various aspects of Old and Middle English language and literature.


Persianisms: Cultural Encounters in the Anglophone World

This colloquium is underpinned by our conviction that the relationship between Iran and the West is as important and urgent as ever. It aims to explore the range and depth of the exchanges and encounters that connect Anglophone and Persian cultures across centuries of contact from antiquity to the present-day manifest in poetry, diplomacy, religious polemic, scholarship, travel narratives, material culture, art, and curatorship.


Medieval Literatures Seminar

Dr Elizabeth Boyle is the Head of Early Irish at Maynooth University. Her work focusses on the religious, cultural and intellectual history of medieval Ireland; Ireland’s contacts with Britain and continental Europe; the translation and adaptation of Latin sources into Old and Middle Irish; and the history of the discipline of Celtic Studies.

Past events

Reading groups

There are various reading and research groups based at the centre, which bring together scholars of different disciplines who wish to explore shared interests.

Some of the groups running this year include:

  • Viking Studies Research Group
  • Latin Reading Group
  • Critical Theory for Medievalists
  • Middle English Reading Group
  • Global Medieval Texts Reading Group
  • Academic German Reading Group
  • Old English Reading Group
  • Old French Reading Group
  • Old Norse Reading Group
  • SCRAMS (PhD weekly seminar presentations)