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Applicants Departments Project title
Abigail Jubb, Daisy McManaman History of Art, Centre for Women's Studies Re-making Research Network: Interdisciplinary Creative Methods and Approaches Across Academic, Heritage and Studio Contexts
Margherita Belia, Sam Cobb, Christopher Cox, Amelia Gully, Florence Oxley and Catherine Laing Language and Linguistic Science, Archaeology, Language and Linguistic Science (Aarhus University), Education The development of the infant vocal tract: a pilot ultrasound study


Applicants Departments Project title
Xinrui Zhang
and Chantal Berry
History of Art, Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity and History Sensing the Environment in Art and Music
Nicholas Dunn McAfee, Hannah McAuliffe and Deborah Hicks History of Art, English and Related Literature, Kellogg
College and the Department for Continuing Education (Oxford)
Image/Text — What/Next? (symposium)
Clau Nader Jaime, Josephine Flockton, Dr Giulia L. Poerio, Dr Thomas Hostler, Thomas Swart and Rossi Redgrave Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Psychology, Psychology (Essex), Psychology (Manchester), Bannissy Lab (Goldsmiths) Behind the Tingle Heads: A short documentary of the first global Delphi study on ASMR
Emma Bryning, Mel Williams
and Gwendoline Pepper
Archaeology, Politics Removal, Re-interpretation or Re-contextualisation? A Conversation on Contested Statues, Resistance, and the Reimagination of Public Space
Mary Stewart-David, Professor Rob Morgan, Nick Hunt, Vira Chimalapati and Kate Valentine Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, DC Labs, Washington University, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, Archaeology The MT Space: A week-long experimental workshop in building a Musical Theatre performance space in easily accessible web-based Virtual Reality
Despoina Sampatakou, Saad Maqbool and Aris Politopoulos Archaeology, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Archaeology (Leiden) ‘Heritage Game Jam’: Communicating the past through games


Applicants Departments Project title

Mary Stewart-David, Kate Valentine, Liam Mahoney, Chris Follows, Vivian Belosky 

TFTI, Music, UAL Uni-mersity Challenge Hackathon
Basil Price, Jordan Cook, Kayla Kemhadjian, Grace Pesticcio, Marisa Mischaud, Robyn Stewart Centre for Medieval Studies, History of Art, University of Leeds  White Rose Medieval Graduate Conference
Murray Tremelen, Kirsty Wright History of Art, History Work, Rest and Power: Architecture, Space and Political Life 1500-1939


Applicants Departments Project title
Frances Long, Lilian Tabois English and Related Literature, Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies Eighteenth-Century Identities: A study day (11 November 2019)
Alexandra Gushurst-Moore, Mariam Hale, Jun Qiang History of Art, English and Related Literature Threshold, Boundary, and Crossover in Fantasy conference (March 12-13 2020)
Isabelle Gapp, Adrian Dye, Lawren Rawlins, David Rippin History of Art, Environment and Geography Art + Anthropocene: Culture, Climate and our Changing Planet virtual seminar series March 2021
Tobias Palma, Miguel Gaete, Carlos Zamora, Catalina Gaete  Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, History of Art, Music, Institute of Historical
Justice and Reconciliation 

A Window on Latin America: A 21 st Century Resignification of the Never-ending Conquest conference (8 November 2019)

Claire Boardman, Simona Manni, Caitlin Kitchener Archaeology, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Digital Creativity Labs

Tackling Giants, Creating Futures - Applying Arts and Humanities to Combat York's Biggest Social Challenges

Aubrey Steingraber, Caitlin Kitchener, Ian Hardwick. Kirstin Barnard Archaeology, History

Endurance and Change: Exploring the Effects of Boundaries, Borders, and Frontiers in Northern Britain 

Sian Hibbert, Lucy Moore, Chris Wakefield History, Archaeology Words on Paper - academic writing sessions
Joshua d'Arcy, Rosamund Portus, Adam John Koper, Marielle Hehir  English, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Politics, University of Leeds, School of Design Process, Practice, and Environmental Crisis 
Jessica Bates, Mike Groves, Eleanor Green, Andy Needham, Rachel Pateman, Daryl Martin Archaeology, Sociology, Stockholm Environment Institute Crafting Communities 
Louise Yu Jui Yang, Mariko Hirabayashi, Marte Stinis  Kazuki Inoue English and Related Literature, History of Art, 

Reflecting/Reflected Modernity: Sites of Interface between the Occidental and the Oriental 

Katie Vernon, Karli Grazman, Jordan Cook, Yuki Sugiyama Centre for Medieval Studies, English and Related Literature, History of Art Centre for Medieval Studies postgraduate conference 
Jun Qiang, Diana Mudura, Tali Kot-Ofek, Joshua D'Arcy, Anthony Tomkins, Kazuki Inoue English and Related Literature, History CMods Postgraduate Forum annual symposium: Spatial Modernities: Mapping the Physical and Psychological World 


Applicants Departments Project title
Jordan Cook, Sam Spicer History of Art, Centre for Medieval Studies Manuscript Illumination Workshop with Illuminator Toni Watts
Alexandra Gushurst-Moore, Madeline Potter, Katherine Hinzman, Robert Wilkes  History of Art, English, Oxford Brookes University Re-Assessing Burne-Jones - conference
Joshua Ravenhill, Luke Giraudet History, Centre for Medieval Studies Belonging in Late Medieval Cities. Three-day conference, June 2019
Alicia Maddalena, Rebecca Drake,  Mariana Munoz-Rodriguez English, Archaeology Norse in the North 2019: conference


Applicants Departments Project title
Jessica Schouela, Marie Allitt History of Art, English Atmospheres
Harald Fredheim, L. Meghan Dennis, Manal Atesh, Susan Moore, Adam Bull, Richard Kearns Archaeology, Electronic Engineering, York Management School, Music, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media Doing No Harm, Digitally: Social Media Research Ethics
Maddy Potter, Steven Grace, David Efird English, Philosophy The Poetics of Faith: Exploring Belief in Modern and Contemporary Poetry
Fiona Keenan, Romana Turina, Lynette Quek, Claire Boardman, Melissa Gustin Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Music, Archaeology, Computer Science, History of Art Presenting Postgraduate Research on Film




Name of project

Lotta Schneidemesser, Alexander Hardie-Forsyth, Harriet Beadnell

English Literature, Eighteenth Century Studies, and History

Bringing Conflict Home

Katherina Walper,Veronica Garcia, Paulina Bronfman, Carlos Zamora, Roderik Smits, Edgar Buchanan

Language and Linguistic Science, Education, Music, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, Electronics

A window on Latin America: One-day symposium 

Melissa Gustin, Carla Suthren, Ciaran Rua O'Neill 

History of Art, English and Related Literature

Time: Immaterial 

Grace Wenling Cao, Yan Wing Florence Mok, Ka Wo Fung

Language and Linguistic Science, History, Social Policy and Social Work

Past and Present: the Shifting Hong Kong Identity

Victoria Hoyle, Katrina Foxton, Helen Graham ( Leeds Fine Art), Richard and Lianne Bingham (York Past and Present Community Group), John Oxley (City of York Council, City Archaeologist)

History, Archaeology

HOTPOT Heritage Unconference

Maria Anna-Aristova, Charlotte Bradshaw, Oliver Fearon, Lisa Liddy

History of Art, Archaeology

At Close Quarters: Experiencing the Domestic 1400-1600

Carla Jardim, Tom Powles, Robert Smith

Centre for Medieval Studies, History

The CMS Graduate Conference: "Conquering the Conference" 

Grace Linden, Ilaria Grando, Rachael Clinton 

History of Art, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media

Kids: a conversation and screening

Beau Stocker, Mohammed Mohanna, Ben Eyes

 Music, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media

 The Brain as an instrument in Music Performance

Leif Harald Fredheim, Gareth Beale, Patrick Gibbs, Pippa Gardner (Sheffield, Geography)
Mike Heyworth (Council for British Archaeology)

Archaeology, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture

 Redefining 'Expertise' - Renegotiating Responsibilities

Annamaria Valent, Oliver Fearon, Dustin Neighbours, Estelle Paranque (UCL, History), Andrea Nichols (Nebraska-Lincoln, History), Alison Passe (Aberdeen, Language & Literature), Courney Herber (Nebraska-Lincoln, History)
Tom Rusbridge (Sheffield, History), Julia Kotzur (Aberdeen, Language & Literature)

History, History of Art

 Gloriana Society workshop

Karin de Fleyt, Jakob Fichert, Alfia Nakipbekova (Leeds, Music), Tamsin Timbrell

Music, Philosophy

Interdisciplinary collaboration in practice-based performance



Departments Name of project
Anna Mercer, Jessica Clement, Elizabeth Spencer, Sarah Burdett, Ruth Scobie (Oxford) Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies, English, History, History (Oxford) Difficult Women in the Long Eighteenth Century conference
James Cave, Tim Ivanic, Jude Brereton Music, Electronics, Geological Survey of Western Australia Gaia-Time-Cycles project
Beau Stocker, Kate Campbell, Ben Eyes, Music Music, Archaeology Exploring Acoustics in Kings Manor
Harriet Evans, Tim Rowbotham Centre for Medieval Studies, Centre for Medieval Literature Norse in the North 2016: Old Norse and Viking Studies at Durham, Leeds and York
Maria-Margarita Makri, Miyuki Kamiya, Carla Xavier, Linda Walz, Thilini Wijeratne, David Gundry Language and Linguistic Science, Education ConSOLE XXIV January 2016
James Harland, Matthias Friedrich, Nikolas Gunn History, History of Art, English Interrogating the 'Germanic' - a category and its use in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
James Richardson, Fiona Mozley, Emma Martin, Christopher Bovis, Chris Linsley History, Centre for Medieval Studies York Archives Research Group events 2015-6
Anna Svendsen, James Harland, Jasmine Hunter Evans (Exeter) English, History, Classics and English (Exeter) David Jones: Dialogues with the Past international conference July 2016



Departments Name of project
Anna Bonewitz, Sophie Littlewood, Elizabeth Bobbitt, Serena Dyer (Warwick), Jade Halbert (Glasgow) History of Art, English, History (Warwick), History (Glasgow) Disseminating Dress
Elizabeth Biggs, James Hillson, James Jago History, History of Art The Many Aspects of Colleges c. 1300-1600: An Interdisciplinary Seminar Series
Catherine Oakley, Harriet Ryder, Maxine Gee, Duncan Robertson English, TFTI Rethinking Disability on Screen: A One-Day Symposium
Andrew Foster, Elizabeth Biggs, James Hillson, Emma Martin History, History of Art Urbanity and Society in the Medieval World: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Urban Society and Life Across the Medieval Period c.600-1500
Maria-Margarita Makri, Veronica Gonzalez Temer, Carla Xavier, Aiqing Wang, David O'Reilly Language and Linguistic Science, Education The 2nd PARLAY conference (Postgraduate and Academic Researchers in Linguistics at York)
Stephanie Lambert, Amy Tobin English, History of Art The Aesthetics of Excess: Waste and Literature, Film and Art after 1960



Department Name of project
Alastair Oswald, David Roberts, Matthew Collins, Keith Ruiter, Alison Leonard, Helen Goodchild Archaeology Common Ground - Archaeological Communities
David Roberts, Andy Needham, Cath Neal, Hannoah Simons, Rachael Mills, Martyn King Archaeology 'Impact in Archaeology' White Rose workshop
Bridget Lockyer, Oliver Betts, Charlotte Clements (Kent) Women's Studies, History, Sociology and Social Research (Kent) Oral Histories of Voluntary Action: an interdisciplinary workshop
Hannah Boast, Will Wright (Sheffield), Christine Gilmore (Leeds) English, Geography (Sheffield), English (Leeds) White Rose Hydropolitics Network: postgraduate workshop on social water
Nathan Atkinson, Catherine Smith, Emanuela Buizza Language and Linguistic Science, Education The PARLAY conference (Postgraduate and Academic Researchers in Linguistics at York)
Michael Springer, Arthur Rose (Leeds) English John Banville and his Precursors conference



Department Name of project
Sarah Shaw, Samuel Shaw, Naomi Carle English, History Beyond the Garden Party: Rethinking Edwardian Culture: two day conference 12-13 April 2013
Sophie Norton, Danai Koutromanou Archaeology The Reunion: sustainably managing the skills of the Yorkshire stonemason’s network
Emilie Murphy, Elizabeth Swann, Robin Macdonald History Sensing the Sacred: Religion and the Senses, 1300-1800: conference 21 June 2013 
David Roberts, Rachael Kiddey, Emily Rayner Archaeology Production of exhibition materials for community exhibition in Teffont, Wiltshire in May 2013
Helen Williams, David Roberts, Kirsty High, Ian Hardwick Archaeology Collaborative training, sampling and analysis through micromorphological study of occupation deposits within structural remains at a nationally significant Roman rural shrine site 
Sophie Coulombeau, Ryan Hanley (Hull), Ben Madden English Strange Bedfellows?: Creativity and Analysis in an Age of Austerity - speaker series
Filippo Contesi, David Race (Leeds), Stephen Wright (Sheffield), Nicole Woodford (Hull) Philosophy White Rose Philosophy Postgraduate Forum
Jessica Moody, Katie Donington (UCL) History Little Britain's memory of slavery: the local nuances of a 'national sin'
Adam Perchard, Sarah Pett, Ryan Hanley (Hull), Ruth Mather (QMC) English, History The Eighteenth Century in the Twentieth Century: two day conference and public engagement event in June 2013


Applicants Department Name of project
Isabelle Hesse. Jessica Moody (History) and Nicola Robinson (English) English, History Contested Histories and 'Narratives' of Conflict
Mariana Lopez, Oliver Jones  TFTI, Archaeology Digital Heritage Preservation
Katherine Ebury, James Fraser English Conference on Joyce's Non-Fiction
Claire Wood, Eoin Martin English, History of Art The materials of mourning: death, materiality and memory in Victorian England
Ginevra House, Matthew Cohen, Royal Holloway, Charlotte Pugh, John Jacobs, Clare Stratford  Music Gamelan Sekar Petak 30th Anniversary Symposium and all-night wayang 2012
Melissa Herman, Meg Boulton History of Art Transition in the Medieval World conference


Applicants  Department  Name of project 
Kate Compton, Helena Culliney, Erica Kvistad, Claire Wood


Novelties: a one-day symposium on Victorian literature and culture 
Oliver Betts, Sarah Clark, Claire Wood, Anna Bocking-Welch  History, English Conference on Storytelling: imagination and the past
Owen Hulatt Philosophy Conference on the relationship between aesthetic autonomy and heteronomy
Lisa Roberts, Christin Kirchhuebel, Colleen Kavanagh Language and Linguistic Science Seminar series on the role and effect of different academic disciplines on the justice system
Anna Bocking-Welch, James Fraser, Isabelle Hesse, Sarah Pett 


Postcolonial Perspectives: a symposium