‌HRC Doctoral Fellowships

The HRC offers a number of Doctoral Fellowships to arts and humanities PhD students currently in their third full-time year of study (or equivalent part-time) at the University of York. 

Eligibility is limited to PhD students from the Departments of Archaeology, English and Related Literature, History, History of Art, Philosophy, Language and Linguistic Science, Music, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, and the Centre for Medieval Studies

The criteria for being nominated for a Doctoral Fellowship are intellectual achievement and potential. Initial nomination is by the student’s supervisor, though students are welcome to indicate to their supervisor that they would like to be considered.

Finalists for the Doctoral Fellowships will be asked to give a short presentation on their research to staff, students and judges at the HRC Doctoral Fellowships Finals which take place annually in late June/early July.  

It is in the gift of the Doctoral Fellowships judging panel to award up to nine HRC Doctoral Fellowships and a variety of prizes at the end-of-day awards ceremony. The judging panel will base its decisions on the candidates' capacity to communicate high-quality research clearly and engagingly to a non-specialist audience. 

HRC Doctoral Fellowships competition 2019

This year, the HRC will again be awarding doctoral fellowships to some of our most promising arts and humanities PhD students currently in their third year of full-time study (or at an equivalent stage of part-time study) registered to HRC-affiliated departments and the Centre for Medieval Studies (CMS).

Each eligible HRC-affiliated department/centre may nominate one candidate for an HRC Doctoral Fellowship. The nine resulting candidates will then automatically progress to the HRC Doctoral Fellowship Finals which will take place throughout the afternoon of Tuesday 25 June

The principal criterion on which the judging panel will make its discriminations will be the capacity to communicate high-quality research clearly and engagingly to a non-specialist audience.


  • Applications to reach departments by Tuesday 7 May.
  • Departmental nominations and all supporting documentation to be received by Helen Jacobs (helen.jacobs@york.ac.uk) by 12 noon on Tuesday 28 May.
  • Doctoral fellowship finalists will be notified by Friday 31st May.
  • Final presentations event will take place on Tuesday 25 June

Full details of the application process:

HRC doctoral fellowships terms of reference 2019 (PDF , 259kb)

Trying to condense my own doctoral work into a ten-minute presentation for a non-specialist audience was quite a challenge. However, the process of paring down my ideas and questioning the jargon that I take for granted was an incredibly helpful exercise, allowing me to bring the core elements of my PhD into sharper focus.

Patrick, HRC Doctoral Fellow 2016