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About the project

Developments in technology and communications have led to exciting new opportunities for historians all over the world, with digitisation meaning that thousands of original documents can now be accessed online.

York-Renmin Sources for British History has been developed by staff from the University of York in the UK and from Renmin University of China. It brings together some of the best digital archives of medieval, early modern, and modern British history.

John Cooper

"Digitisation has opened up a world of possibilities for scholars of British history who are based outside the UK. We hope that this project will improve online access to original source material, and we are proud to have been involved." 

Dr John Cooper 

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History, University of York

‌‌ "British archives are some of the richest and most well-preserved in the world, offering researchers an essential tool to understand and explain the past. However, they have received surprisingly little scholarly attention in China. This collaboration between York and Renmin is an important step to improve access for Chinese audiences to these important resources."


Dr Hsuan-Ying Tu

Lecturer in Early Modern History, School of History, Renmin University of China



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