Heidi Sircus

I am a Macmillan Upper GI Clinical Nurse Specialist and Gynae Oncology Nurse who qualified in 2003. After working in a variety of different roles, I decided to continue my education through SSPRD at the Department of Health Sciences. One of the criteria for my Band 6 role is that I study towards my degree and SSPRD is perfect evidence of that.

I completed my first module in Mentorship so that I would be able to improve my skills and hopefully influence how student and junior nurses work. I am now able to enhance their skills for the better, which in turn affects patient care.

In the future I intend to study more towards my degree and then for a Masters qualification. I am ambitious and I would like to develop my knowledge base as widely as possible so that I am in a good position to compete for jobs at higher bands and within my chosen speciality of cancer care. On a personal note, I feel that achieving these qualifications will give me a sense of pride in my own achievements and hopefully influence my son to believe that if I can do it then he can too!