Diane Mitchell

I am a Paediatric Diabetes Nurse, currently following a part-time BSc degree programme at the Department of Health Sciences. I obtained a diploma in Health and Social Care in 2010 and decided to study a SSPRD degree pathway. I believe that any form of further education improves patient care through reading more widely, undertaking evidence-based practice or even just being able to understand the condition of the patient, and being able to empathise with their condition. My increased confidence allows me to build up a rapport with my patients and their families or carers. In turn, they feel that they can trust me and the care I provide.

SSPRD study also provides the opportunity to network with people from other disciplines which has helped me to reflect on my own practice and work to continuously improve the outcomes of both patients and services.

The range of SSPRD programmes offered by the Department of Health Sciences will give me greater opportunities should I change hospital trusts in the future. They enable me to explore opportunities I have not yet considered and will allow me to apply for higher graded roles within my current field of practice. I have already found that my self-confidence in both professional and personal life has improved and I can’t wait to achieve my BSc.