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Are your views on policies for the future shared by the rest of the population?

Today’s policy decisions – such as health policies to save lives and environmental policies to reduce floods – will affect your health and the environment you live in.

They will also affect future generations. This includes your children and your grandchildren, born and unborn.

But decisions made by governments take very little account of the impact of policies on future generations.

We have been finding out how much importance people in Britain attach to future generations. More than 12,000 adults have told us what they think.

Try our Future Generations app to find out how your views compare to the rest of the population. The app is free to download at this link.

The app has been developed by McKenna Consultants Ltd for the University of York as part of the project on Health of Populations and Ecosystems.

Ecosystems sustain our natural environment. They include plant, bird and animal life and the air, soil and water systems that they live in.