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About us

The project team is working closely with research and policy leaders of key local organisations, national bodies and international programmes. Insights and findings from the project will be shared with the research leaders and policy leaders groups and the wider stakeholder community through an innovative engagement programme.

It is led by Hilary Graham, Professor of Health Science and Piran White, Professor of Environmental Science, at the University of York, and supported by a communications team. Research Fellows working on this project include Dr Jayne Hutchinson and Dr Adriana Ford-Thompson. The project administrator is Sarah Thompson.

Also contributing to the HOPE project are Dr Richard Cookson, Reader at the Centre for Health Economics (CHE), and Dr Mona Kanaan, Lecturer in Health Statistics in the Department of Health Sciences.

Three PhD studentships are also attached to HOPE:

The communication strategy for the HOPE project is supported by Susannah Randall, Director of RandallFox.