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The Priority Setting Partnership - UK

The Steering Group includes membership of patients and carers and clinicians, as individuals or representatives from a relevant group. The MNYES PSP has been led and managed by a Steering Group involving the following:

Patient and carer representative/s:

  • Annie Shaw
  • Scott Spain
  • Lesley Spain (carer)
  • Steph Hayle
  • Rosie Evans

Clinical representative/s:

  • Professor Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis, Honorary Consultant Psychiatry, University of York, TEWV NHS Trust
  • Dr James Sampford, Consultant Psychiatrist, TEWV NHS Trust
  • Dr Jennifer Gilligan, Specialty Doctor in Psychiarty, TEWV NHS Trust
  • Dr Miriam Lomas, Principal Clinical Psychologist, TEWV NHS Trust
  • Dr Christopher Price, Clinical Reader in Stroke Medicine, Newcastle University
  • Dr Andrew Moriarty, General Practitioner
  • Dr Arvind Kaul, Consultant Rheumatologist, St Georges Hospital and Medical School in London
  • Dr Nick Gall, Consultant Cardiologist, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Tracey Cunningham, Physiotherapist, TEWV NHS Trust
  • Dr Philippa Bolton, Clinical Liaison Psychiatrist, TEWV NHS Trust
  • Ad Vorselaars, Occupational Physician, Arbo Unie, The Netherlands
  • Dr Arjan Videler, Psychotherapist, CLGG, Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • Dr Petros Perros, Consultant Endocrinologist, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Professor Mark Edwards, Professor of Neurology, St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Information specialists:

  • Danielle Varley, University of York
  • Jennifer Sweetman, University of York
  • Dr Iman Elfeddali, and Prof Dr Wijo Kop, Tilburg University

Project coordinators:

  • Sally Brabyn, University of York, UK
  • Natalie Smith, University of York, UK
  • Llinh Nguyen, Clinical Centre for Body, Mind and Health, The Netherlands

James Lind Alliance Adviser and Chair of the Steering Group:

  • Dr Jonathan Gower, UK
  • Dr Margot Metz, The Netherlands