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Research priority setting for Medically Not Yet Explained Symptoms (MNYES) in an Anglo-Dutch partnership with the James Lind Alliance 

Medically Not Yet Explained Symptoms represent up to 10-30% of presentations in general medicine settings. They can include fatigue, pain, dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome, and functional neurological symptoms.

The focus of research on Medically Not Yet Explained Symptoms is often on particular subsets of symptoms, such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, or dizziness, but it lacks a comprehensive view. This has ramifications for patients who visit different clinics for their various symptoms, without sustained improvement.

The Medically Not Yet Explained Symptoms PSP was established in 2020 to support patients, carers and clinicians in the UK and in the Netherlands in the development of a research agenda with patient knowledge, experience and preferences as the frame of reference.

This Anglo-Dutch partnership will also enable exploration of international and intercultural differences that might be of interest for future development of services and the co-design of research to develop better treatment and care.

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