Accessibility statement

Developing and Researching the Economics and Mathematics of Selection: the DREAMS Network

This project is funded by the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Research Development Fund (RDF) with matched funding from participating WUN universities (University of York, University of Leeds, University of Western Australia, University of Sydney and University of Cape Town).

The DREAMS project brings together a network of international experts from health economics, education, the mathematical sciences and organisational psychology via a series of workshops and networking initiatives.

The DREAMS network is an international collaboration focussed on developing new approaches to understanding the selection of individuals into the professions.

The models and methodologies we plan to create will help predict the potential costs, risks and benefits of differing selection approaches, as they apply across a number of global settings. Clear frameworks for understanding and communicating the clinical and cost effectiveness of  health interventions have already been developed as part of the ‘evidence-based medicine’ movement (e.g. ‘Number Needed to Treat’ as index of treatment effectiveness). We are creating a similar language around the science of selection. Whilst the initial focus of network activities is on medical selection we plan to generalise the work to other professions.  

This network is linked to the International Network for Researchers in Selection into Healthcare (INReSH).