Information for Participants

Case managers

The CASPER study - see study update 

A number of GP practices in York, Leeds, Hull, Durham and Newcastle and their surrounding areas have invited their older patients to take part in the CASPER trial. If your GP practice is involved, you may have received a letter and questionnaire. All people who are invited are welcome to participate in the larger study. Even if you feel well and happy, we would still value your participation in the study.

Taking part involves filling in questionnaires on your general and psychological well-being over a 12 to 18 month period. We will also ask you if you are interested in other studies which we may conduct in the future and will invite you to take part in longer term studies of physical and psychological well-being.

The CASPER trial
Once the initial questionnaires have been returned to us, we look through the questions on mental well-being to find out who is eligible to take part in the trial. As the purpose of the trial is to test whether collaborative care will help maintain or improve mental well-being in older people, we then allocate eligible participants into one of two groups: the collaborative care group or usual GP care. This is done through a computerised process called ‘randomisation’, which means participants are allocated to groups purely by chance, in a similar way to tossing a coin.

What happens if I am offered Collaborative Care?
If you are offered collaborative care you will be assigned to a specialist health worker, called a case manager. They will work closely with you, providing support and information to help you maintain or improve your mental well-being.

Please note, you will not be expected to travel to appointments.

The case manager will contact you to set up a convenient time to meet for a first appointment. After this they will be in weekly contact for up to 10 weeks. Contact with the case manager will either be face-to-face or by telephone. Your case manager will discuss your activities and how these link with your mood. In addition, they will help you to identify alternative activities you may wish to pursue, if necessary.
If you are already a participant of the study you will have received information including the CASPER invitation to participate (PDF  , 379kb)‌‎‌‎.

The CASPER study is conducted through the National Health Service (NHS). All NHS research is approved by of an independent research ethics committee, to protect your safety, rights, well-being and dignity.