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Department welcomes student on internship from University of Pennsylvania

Posted on 3 July 2018

Jordan Lindekens, a fourth year nursing student from the University of Pennsylvania, is doing an eight-week internship with us

We are delighted to welcome Jordan Lindekens, fourth year Nursing Student from the University of Pennsylvania, who is doing an eight-week internship within the Department exploring the intersection between Nursing and Humanitarian Affairs.

Jordan writes: “I’ve have been engaging with many faculty members and students to gain an understanding of the UK National Health System, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and the nursing undergraduate curriculum to gain a global health perspective.

Additionally, under the mentorship of Janaka Jayawickrama, I will be working on multiple projects to examine health in humanitarian affairs with a collaborative perspective. Through attending public lectures and exposure to pertinent literature, I hope to understand health delivery in humanitarian settings and potential areas for future improvement. I would like to focus on the humanitarian response, health delivery and concepts of care.

I have an interest in nursing critical care as well. Thanks to the help of Steven Ersser, I will continue to discuss this topic with Health Sciences staff and have multiple observation experiences. Through this network of support and interactive meetings and teaching sessions, I hope to find my own perspective on not only how nursing and the humanitarian sector overlap but how they can borrow the strengths identified in each field to become a more well-rounded and compassionate clinician.”

Jordan is writing a blog of her experience at York.