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Dry January: is it worth giving up alcohol for a month?

Posted on 4 January 2016

Alcohol Concern has thrown down the gauntlet to drinkers: can you manage a month without alcohol?

Department of Health Sciences' mental health lecturer Ian Hamilton has written an article for The Conversation entitled "Dry January: is it worth giving up alcohol for a month?"

Millions of people will probably sign up to take part in Dry January but Ian discusses its benefits and asks whether there are better ways to reduce alcohol consumption.

The campaign, Dry January, aims to raise awareness of alcohol-related problems and educate people about the health benefits of abstaining from alcohol. However, there is no evidence that it achieves lasting change in consumption or in our beliefs and behaviour in relation to alcohol.

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Ian also appeared on BBC local radio. Interview can be heard at, and starts around 21.35 into the programme.