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Public health researcher elected to British Academy

Posted on 15 July 2016

Public health researcher Professor Hilary Graham has been elected Fellow of the British Academy.

Professor Graham, who is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Health Sciences and former Head of Department, is among 42 UK academics elected as Fellows in recognition of their outstanding contribution to research. A second University of York Professor of Renaissance Literature, Brian Cummings, also got an award. 

Professor Graham said: "This award recognises the significant importance that research into health inequalities has in today's society. My work in this area would not have been possible without the support of colleagues from around the world, as well as our dedicated team of PhD students."

With a background in sociology and social policy research, Professor Graham is renowned for her work on social inequalities in health, with a particular focus on cigarette smoking and other health-related behaviours. Her research is also exploring the connections between public health and the biophysical environment.

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